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The placement of stock in the warehouse, like my Fitbit order, or how shelves are organized doesn't matter. The mobile robots use movable shelves, workstations and sophisticated control software for pick, pack and ship operations.  Check out how the Kiva CEO describes how it all started and how it works today. Each [human] worker is usually supported by five to 10 mobile robots so they are kept continuously busy filling orders. As Kiva's robots zoom around Amazon's warehouse floors, they avoid running into each other by using communicating sensors. The movable shelving racks of inventory, called pods, are an important part of the overall scheme. Pods are arranged in a grid pattern and when an item is required to fill an order, the robot brings the pod containing that item to the worker station. The worker picks the item they need for the order and the mobile robots return the pods they are carrying to a storage location on the grid floor — often a different location than the one where they found it. Placement of each pod is revisited every time it is moved, with the system constantly adapting to optimize the processing for the entire operation, continuously and dynamically “re-slotting” in real-time without human intervention. Amazon now has a fast growing 45,000 robot army  across 20 fulfillment centers.

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