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What Im saying (or trying to, cut me some slack) is that there exists a great palette cleanser for when it all gets a bit too solemn and sincere. Think about how a child would choose and apply makeup, and everything becomes experimental, colorful, inexpert, and most importantly fun. Thus, was my brief for creating this face: a makeup look inspired by a kid getting into their moms beauty bag. And that means several things: lots ครีมบำรุงผิวหน้า facebook of color and lots of glitter, ease of application, and a general sense of more means more. Heres how I created a kid-inspired makeup look More Here I am pre-kiddifying! Im wearing my usual must-wears: aka base and eyebrows. My base was the phenomenal It Cosmetics CC Cream ($38) with some Vichy Dermablend ($24.84) as a spot concealer. For my eyebrows, I used an old brown mascara and any brown hued mascara will do! More First, for my eyes, I applied the shade Purple Horseshoe from the Anastasia Moon Child Glow Kit ($40). Yeah, thats right, this highlighting palette doubles up as a stunning set of six iridescent pastel eyeshadows.

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